Capsule Type Close Oven Rock & Roll machine is mostly used to start in small scale industries for starting stage and to produce 5000, 7500, 10,000 liter capacity Vertical Tank to save Fuel consumption and Power HP.


Machine Main Features:

  • Machine is operated by Hydraulic system so Rolling & Rocking speed can be also adjust as per required
  • Auto ignation system is provided in panel on customer demand.
  • Auto Temperature Control system provided on customer demand.
  • Two Hydraulic cylinders for up to 50 Degree Rocking system adjustable with complite balance.
  • Low Gas Consumption Kg per round batch.
  • Heavy Duty Hinge , Drive shaft, and Bearing.
  • LPG pipe line & connection is industrial Grade used for long life.
  • Door is opened throug Hydraulic Cylinder at 90′ Degree so it can be easy operation to loud and unloud mould.Electrical Panel is User Friendly and equiped with safety system.
  • Insulation covered covered with Rockwool which work up to 400 Celcisious Degree Temperature
  • Easy to operate and equiped with saftey featured Electrical Panel
  • Microprocess based with digital display control panel can be provided Optional on Request
No Model Frame
Size (Feet)
Fan Required HP
1 BE5000X1 8X9X13 3 + 3 2 + 2
2 BE10000X1 10X12X16 5 + 5 3 + 3